Roofing It Right The First Time

We started Desert Sky Roofing because Tucson needs another roofing company that will be “roofing it right the first time.” Tucson needs another honest, integrity-driven, quality-focused roofing company. After working four years in the painting / roofing business Bill realized that there were many Tucson roofing companies that would lie, cheat, and steal to get roof work. The clients are always the ones that suffered. That’s when the concept Desert Sky Roofing emerged – a roofing company that would go out of the way for their clients. If a client doesn’t need work, DSR will tell them the truth. If the client does need roof repairs, Desert Sky Roofing will provide detailed photo proof and a detailed estimate explaining the roof repair processes. Desert Sky Roofing always provides before and after photos of the work accomplished.

A Tucson Roofing Contractor Near You

Desert Sky Roofing company services Tucson and the greater Tucson area. We travel to Green Valley Arizona, Vail Arizona, Oro Valley Arizona, Marana Arizona, Saddlebrook Arizona, Catalina Foothills Arizona, Casas Adobes Arizona, South Tucson Arizona, Tucson Estates and most surrounding areas around Tucson. Give us a call because if you live in the greater Tucson area, we likely repair roofs in your area.

About The Owner Bill

Desert Sky Roofing is owned by Bill Kimbley. Bill grew up in Kentucky and first learned about small businesses from his family who owned a marina on a small lake. After graduating from High School he entered the military. He is a decorated military veteran who served his country over 20 years in munitions and military intelligence. He loves his country and believes in blessing military members, veterans, and first responders with discounts. After leaving the military he served two non-profits before being hired by a local painting/roofing company in Tucson. After four years working with that company Bill and his son William stepped out to start Desert Sky Roofing. Bill has a bachelor’s of science (BS), and a Master’s in Arts in the study of leadership and a minor in ancient languages (MA).

Roof Coating Specialists And Shingle Roofing Contractor

Desert Sky Roofing specializes in both rubberized roofing (elastomeric roof coating) applications and shingle roof replacements. At this time, we do not work on clay, concrete, or any type of tile roofs. Here is a short list of some of the things Desert Sky Roofing specializes in:

  • Repairs on elastomeric roofs. If you own a flat roof or cool coated roof, we can repair it!
  • Replacement of facia boards. We replace facia on shingle and coated roofs.
  • Full roof coatings. We can do small repairs or completely coat your cool coated roof.
  • Skylight replacements. We can replace most skylights on shingle and coated roofs.
  • Drip edge repairs. We can replace or repair drip edges on shingle and flat roofs.
  • Shingle roof replacements. We can remove old shingles and replace new ones on single story roofs.
  • Polymembrane applications. We can apply polymembrane to an entire roof to extend serviceability.
  • Polymembrane on parapet tops. We can apply elastomeric and polymembrane to parapets to prevent cracks and leaks.
  • Anti-ponding. We can fill in ponds on flat roofs to displace water.

Our Drive: Be Tucson’s Best Roofing Company

Our drive is to be known as Tucson’s best roofing company. Bill tells his employees “We are not a Tucson roofing company, we are a company focused on customer service and we just happen to be roofing.” This was a message driven into him at an early age through his family’s marina where his mother and father taught him the value of providing good service to customers. Desert Sky Roofing is not a perfect company, but it definitely strives be near perfect. If DSR, makes a mistake they will own it and strive to do all that it can to make things right. If you want a company that desires to “roof it right the first time,” give Desert Sky Roofing a call!