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A Service Plan That Fits Your Roof – Five Possible Plans for Your Coated Roof

At Desert Sky Roofing LLC, we offer four different roof servicing plans for your elastomeric roof. We realize that not every roof has the same needs and sometimes it can vary. We are not going to try to sell you something that you do not need and will provide you with the proper option for your roof.  Some roofs need extensive work while others may only need touch ups.  Therefore, we have devised three service plans that will fit almost every flat or built-up elastomeric coated roof. Here are our plans:

1) The Re-Coating Service

This is for roofs that have not been coated in some time or that were not coated properly. Roofs in this category generally need one or two full coats of elastomeric to become serviceable again. If your roof has not been coated in over three years, it will likely fall into this category.  However, there are always exceptions.

2) The Renewal Service

This plan focuses on reflective coated roofs that have a decent coating on them but could use some cleaning and some minor touch ups.  In this plan we will also reinforce all the scuppers, penetrations, drip edges, and A/C jack stands so leaks do not occur.  The best candidate for this plan is a roof that was coated properly in the past 1-3 years and has very minimal wear and tear.  We offer this for those who want peace of mind, or who are selling their home and want a licensed professional to spruce up the roof before it is sold. In this plan, we provide a 1-year warranty on the entire roof and a 2-year warranty on all touchups and work that we performed.

3) The Re-touch Service

This plan is for those who want to ensure they make it through the monsoon season without any leaks.  Most roofs in this plan have been recoated in the last 1-3 years and have minimal defects. The difference between this plan and the Renewal Plan is that here we are only going to touch up what is necessary and we do not provide an additional 1-year warranty to the entire roof. We will provide a two-year warranty for any work we do perform. This plan is perfect for snowbirds who want to head out of the heat for the summer and not worry about their roof until they return.

4) The “Do-it-yourself” Service

What? A roof company that will teach you to do it yourself? Yes. We feel if you can’t beat em, join em!  With the “Do-it-yourself” plan we will set up a time to come to your house with all the materials you will need to work on your roof. We will walk the roof with the “do-it-yourselfer” and point out all the needs for the roof.  After discussing how to repair the roof we will then pressure wash the roof so that it can be recoated the next day by whomever wishes to do the work.  Of course we are in the business to make money so we do charge a fee for pressure washing and delivering the material but the wisdom is free!  Also, for a small fee we are willing to deliver the buckets of material to the roof after pressure washing.  If you think you are up for some hard work and want to do it right, give us a call and we will assist you with the knowledge and materials needed to recoat your roof the correct way.

5) The Pressure Washing Service

If your roof doesn’t need coating and simply needs to be pressure washed, we are willing to do that for you.  Pressure washing is always a great idea for coated roofs because it cleans the debris and removes the grime which allows the coating to last longer.

Whether it has been a while since you coated your roof or just a year ago, we have a plan that fits your needs. At Desert Sky Roofing we are not going to sell you something you do not need.  In fact, we are willing to tell you that you don’t need work at all!  Rather than try to only sell the most work possible to a client, we would rather provide you with an honest opinion of what is actually needed and an option for doing that work. Unlike many of the blow and go shady roof companies who want to take your money and run, we are seeking for your long-term relationship with the Desert Sky Roofing Family!  Give us a call today so we can determine what plan fits better for your roof!