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Roof Coating

Done the right way. Premium products. 12-step process.

Roof Inspections

Residents and realtors. Thorough inspection. Quick turn around.

Roof Repairs

Facia. Decking. Patching. Drip Edges. Scuppers. Parapet cracks.


Shingle replacements. Shingle repairs.

Looking For a Reliable Roof Coating in Tucson?

If you are worried about roofers lying to you or trying to rip you off, so are we! Desert Sky Roofing focuses on being a completely transparent roofing company so that you can know you are not being ripped off!  We pride ourselves in being Tucson roofers that “Roof it Right The First Time.”  While working for another contractor in town, Bill heard the horror stories of other roofers lying, cheating, and stealing to get work.  In fact, he witnessed real estate deals fall apart because of roofing estimates that suggested roof work that was never needed. He heard stories of the elderly being taken advantage of and losing significant savings.  It was real life stories like these that ingrained a passion in his heart to establish a roofing company that would be known for telling the truth and doing things the right way.   Bill knew Tucson was ready for another roof company that would look after the needs of clients and tell the truth!  Sure, anyone can say this but our client reviews say it all!

Based on 96 reviews
Bill Ambrosio
Bill Ambrosio
Bill came out and walked the roof with me. Other companies wanted to do a complete reroofing. He was honest and said that we could extend the life of the existing roof.
Lauri Latack
Lauri Latack
The roof coating service went very well from our initial contact with Bill to completion. Will and Adrian were pleasant, professional, focused and, along with the office, kept us informed as to where they were within the job. When having to reschedule the second coat to the next day the hard working team arrived at the promised time and completed the job. The roof looks perfect and we will certainly use Desert Sky Roofing again as well as recommend their service to others. We will be receiving photos along with the receipt. Thank you DSR!
Courtney Henson
Courtney Henson
They were great, fair, and reasonably priced. There was a mix up in the roof coat color that we did not notice until they had applied 2 coats. They came in a few days later and applied an extra roof coat in the right color at no extra charge. They were very kind and professional.
M Dude
M Dude
Desert Sky Roofing did a great job repairing our roof following a storm that did significant damage. They were reasonably priced and great to work with. Josh and his team were very professional. They kept us in the loop on things they found during the process and addressed it all during the repair. We’ll be recommending them in the future.
Curt Peters
Curt Peters
Quality work at a fair price
Mark Dorsey
Mark Dorsey
I had not thought about having my roof re-coated, as it was only 2 years old. Sold the House through VA and they required recoat. Was done quickly, thoroughly and reasonably. Very satisfied.
The crew, owner, and office staff from Desert Sky Roofing are fantastic. After working with them, it is easy to see how they have such great reviews online. By far the best experience I have had working with a company. They do quality work, have great competitive prices on their services, and had great communication the whole time.
Melissa Baker
Melissa Baker
Josh and his team were absolutely amazing! From start to finish they were professional and courteous. Not only do I highly recommend them, I will also only use Desert Sky in the future.
Ron Harrison
Ron Harrison
We were in need of roofing repairs for our church. Ideal Missionary Baptist Church. We got several quotes. But, after reviewing the quote, checking reviews on the Companies. I selected Desert Sky Roofing. The final selling point was when I talked with Mr. BIll Kimbley, the owner. I found him to be a man of great integrity. He reviewed the work that would be done and answered all questions that I had. We agreed on a two week start. They called me the Friday before they were starting to let know they were starting on Monday. They showed up on time. They were very professional, did a great cleanup after finishing the work. The best part was the great job they did on our three (3) buildings. I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Bill Kimbley and Desert Sky Roofing for all your roofing needs. We have a house that will need a new roof soon, and when that time comes. Bill at Desert Sky Roofing will be the one that I will call. I did not just find a great roofer, but I also found a great new friend.
shannon williamson
shannon williamson
Bill, the owner came and inspected my roof. I felt he was totally honest and sincere when he explained what needed to be done. I was extremely happy with the quote they gave me 2 days later. Justin and his crew did a fantastic job in just 3 days, he finished this morning. I would highly recommend Desert Sky Roofing. Thanks guys for your honesty and the great work you do!

Why Is Desert Sky Roof Coating Different?

A few things set Desert Sky Roofing apart from the competition. Here are a few reasons why we are the best roofers in Tucson:

Photo Proof.  First, we are up front with everything. We provide before and after photos of all the roof work we suggest and all the work we accomplish. When you contract with us we have the ability to set up a personal and private website to share all the photos, the estimate, the invoice, and the work schedules. We are not going to hide anything! We want you to be completely comfortable with us as your Tucson roofing company.

Detailed Estimates.  Second, we provide a detailed estimate on what materials we will use and how much of them we will use. You don’t have to worry about us skimping on roof coating or using cheap shingles because we put in writing the brand names and quantity of materials we use. Any good roofing contractor in Tucson should do this for you!

Free Follow-up Inspections. Third, we will come back and perform a free roof inspection a few weeks after the work is accomplished and offer a free roof inspection before the warranty expires.  How many Tucson roofing contractors do that? We are roofers you can trust.

Great Discounts. Fourth, we provide great discounts.  Today, everyone is attempting to save money. We are not in this business to get rich.  We are in the business to make an honest wage by doing quality work at a reasonable price.  We can often beat our competitors with our prices. If you have a written estimate from another company ask us if we can beat it.

Veteran Owned. Finally, we are a veteran owned business.  Bill believes in being on time and doing the mission correctly the first time. We take our job serious and are driven to be the roofing company you are excited to brag about.

DSR’s Roofing Services

Desert Sky Roofing specializes in two types of roofs – elastomeric coated roofs and shingle roofs.  We currently do not work on tile roofs. Here are a few of the major focus areas we work on. If you are interested in more details read below.

Tucson Roof coating specialists

DSR specializes in elastomeric roof coatings. These coatings, also known as cool coatings, rubberized coatings, reflective coatings, or acrylic coatings are rolled on after the roof has been cleaned, patched, and prepared for recoating.

Shingle roof replacements.  DSR also works on shingle roofs. We don’t replace shingles on two-story roofs but do replace shingles on one story roof. We use top of the line products and the apply the most up to date practices.

Small roofing projects. DSR is not afraid of smaller jobs.  We often help clients with small roof projects, or facia replacements, or smaller roof touch ups. Many of the big companies will charge a huge amount for roof repairs that take very little time.  Desert Sky Roofing will provide fair estimates and excellent quality work for small jobs as well as big jobs.

Roof inspections.  Even if you don’t need roof work, we can provide roof inspection for realtors, home owners refinancing, or whatever your need for a roof inspection. We will schedule and perform the inspection in a timely manner.

Where we serve

Desert Sky Roofing serves the greater Tucson area and surrounding areas to include:  Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Casas Adobes, Sahuarita, South Tucson, Green Valley, Tanque Verde, Picture Rocks, Corona De Tucson, Vail, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Flowing Wells, Tucson Estates, Littletown, Drexel Alvernon, Tortolita, Valencia West.


How DSR Will Coat Your Roof – Step by Step

Inspect the Roof

before-roof-coatingBefore we coat or repair a roof, we first need to see what we are up against.  In this visit we will note the defects, the needed work, and determine the square footage of the coverage area so we can order the proper amount of roof coating.  We will take the “before” photos and provide an estimate for recoating their roof with the top of the line rubberized roof coating.  The estimate will include the approximate square footage of materials, the expected number of 5-gallon buckets of material, and the “out-the-door” price. We do not believe in hiding prices or adding on work after the job has been started to try to get more money. Granted, on the very rare occasion it is necessary to add extra work, we may need to do so but that is not the norm with Desert Sky Roofing. We strive to be the most open and informative roof coating Tucson contractor in the business!

Remove Debris From Roof

Santa Fe style roofs seem to collect leaves and debris of all sorts because the house itself resembles a large bowl!  We will collect that debris and remove it from the roof before we pressure wash.

Spray Down With Tri-sodium Phosphate

Tri-sodium phosphate is the best cleaner for acrylic elastomeric roof coatings.  We use a garden sprayer and spray this over the roof before pressure washing.  This will give the TSP a moment to soak into tapplying-tsphe roof coating.  Many Tucson roof coating contractors skip this step.  We cannot tell you that the roof coating will not adhere if it is not cleaned with TSP, but we can say it is a better practice to use it on every roof.

Pressure Wash Roof



Using high pressure water loosens the dirt and is the best practice for cleaning your roof before it is coated.  Pressure washing in conjunction with using TSP is the best practice for preparing coated roofs.

Let the Roof Dry

Before coating a flat roof or an elastomeric coated roof, it is necessary to allow the roof to dry.  In Southern Arizona, roofs dry very quickly, so the drying process may only take a couple of hours, however, sometimes it can take a day or so.  The key to knowing how long is knowing what shape the roof was in when we pressure washed and knowing what the weather is like. Our professionals at Desert Sky Roofing are trained to know if a roof is properly dried before they apply the first coat.

Patch Roof

White coated or tan coated roofs often crack. This is because the expansion and contraction of materials causes a breakdown in the coating.  Wherever a crack exists that penetrates the roof paper, corners, crickets, scuppers, or walls there is a need for a polyester patch. applying-roof-patchPolyester (tietex) patching is the #1 fix for these type of roof issues. These are applied by layering a polyester patch between two coats of elastomeric crack and joint filler like Tucson Rubberized Coatings 501-W-P product) or elastomeric top coating like Tucson Rubberized Coatings 7000 product).  Once this patch dries it will become part of your roof system.  The number of patches varies from roof to roof but it is not unusual for a roof to have 15-20 patches.

Reinforce Scuppers


Scupper cracks lead to scupper leaks

(Santa Fe style roofs). Eighty-five to ninety percent of all roof leaks in elastomeric roof systems comes from scuppers. Scuppers are the drains that remove the water from the inside walls (parapets) of Santa Fe style roofs.  The area where the scupper meets the roof system often cracks due to movement in the home.  This causes an opening into walls which usually allows water to drain into your home.  The least pinhole can become a huge leak.  At Desert Sky Roofing we believe in being proactive. If needed, we will scrape the old material out of the scupper and reinforce the scupper with either polyester fabric or at a minimum crack and joint filler before coating the roof.  This will do much toward preventing future problems.

Reinforce the Penetrations

Penetrations are the holes or vents that penetrate through the wood decking and stick out on top of your roof. These areas are prone to cracking because of the movement of materials from heating and cooling.  We will put crack and joint around these areas before we coat the roof to help prevent leaking.

Reinforce the Edges

(Mostly ranch style homes). Many coated roofs have a pitched roofline that ends with a drip edge.  These drip edges move very frequently and end up with tiny cracks on the top edges. These cracks allow water to penetrate around the facia boards which leads to premature rotting of the wood.  We will fill these cracks with roof coating or crack and joint filler and will sometimes recommend using polyester fabric patching around the edges.


Roof edge cracks lead to rotted facia.

Apply the First Coat

After all the patching and reinforcement of critical areas, we will then start coating the roof. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and coat the roof according to their standards.  Not all coatings are the same, and not all will last the same. roof-coating-contractorWe use Tucson Rubberized Coatings 7000 product because we believe it to be the best acrylic elastomeric coating on the market.  They recommend the coating be applied between 100-120sqft per gallon of material. This means if you have 1200sqft of coverage area, we will be applying between 10-12 gallons of material per coat. When we apply the coat we also follow the “crisscross” recommendation.  We do this by laying down the initial roller pattern in one direction and flattening it out in the opposite direction.  This ensures the coating is evenly and appropriately applied.

Allow the First Coat to Dry

In many cases the coating is dry enough to walk on withing two hours or less. This doesn’t mean the coating is cured, but it is ready for the second coat, if one is going to be applied.  A good rule of thumb is that if the coating doesn’t stick to your shoes or pull up when standing on it, it has dried enough to apply the second coat.  Sometimes we must wait a full day, sometimes we only need to wait a few hours before applying the second coat.  Of note, you will NEVER see our company pressure washing and applying two coats in the same day.  We feel this is calling it too close for necessary dry times.

Check For Extra Patching

Polyester fabric patches

Just before we coat the roof the second time we will check to see if more patches are needed. Most all the patching will be complete, however, sometimes we will find some areas that need additional patching or that we believe should be further addressed before applying the second coat.

Apply Anti-ponding Material

If needed and agreed upon, we prefer to apply anti-ponding material after the roof has been sealed with the first coat. Some anti-ponding products are porous and can allow water through. Anti-ponding-materialThat is why it is important to seal the roof first so there is very little chance of water making it into the house. The ponding material will be sealed when the second coat of elastomeric is applied.

Apply Second Coat

Assuming the roof is getting a second coat of elastomeric, after the first coating is dry we will apply a second coat also using the crisscross pattern.

Perform a Quality Inspection

Most roof companies simply collect their money and forget about your roof.  We will return to do a quality inspection and check all the work that we have completed after the materials have had a chance to cure.  At Desert Sky Roofing we want to create a long-term relationship with our clients so ensuring our work was top-notch is extremely important to us!

Perform a Free Inspection Prior to the Warranty Expiring

At Desert Sky Roofing we offer a free inspection just before the warranty expires. If our clients call us before their warranty expires, we gladly show up and do a thorough inspection of the entire roof perform touch ups as needed.

Why Choose Desert Sky Roofing Coating in Tucson?

Desert Sky Roof coating contractors have the expertise to repair and maintain your elastomeric coated roof the way it should be maintained. When we do repairs we do them correctly.  We live by our motto: “Roofing it right, the first time!”   There are three major reasons you should consider Desert Sky Roofing for your roof coating and repairs:

Honesty, Integrity, Quality. First, we will operate with honesty, integrity and accomplish everything with quality.  We strive to make your experience with our company the best you have had with a contractor. Many roof contractors try to hide information or provide as little as possible. We are different. At Desert Sky Roofing we feel that it is your roof we are repairing so you should know exactly what we are doing!  We will always provide a detailed estimate showing the defects along with a short narrative of what we noticed needs attention. Along with this we will provide “before” photos of your roof and photo proof of the roof repairs that are needed.  After the roof repair work is performed, we will provide you with “after” photos of the roof work completed. 

One-Stop Roof Coating Company in Tucson. The second reason you should choose us as your roof company in Tucson is that we are your one-stop roof coating and elastomeric roof specialist. As licensed residential remodelers (R-62), we have a much broader range of work we can legally accomplish outside of simply roofing. Our licensing allows us to perform all roof maintenance and repairs, but also minor parapet repairs, minor painting, facia replacement, or almost anything else you can imagine on your roof.  You shouldn’t have to call two or three contractors to take care of the issues on your roof. Our company was established to be able to address almost every issue one might find on a typical southwest elastomeric (white coated or tan coated) roof top.

We Have Competitive Pricing! Finally, we have very competitive pricing on all our roof repair estimates. If our bid doesn’t come in lower than other Tucson roofing contractors, and if you have a written contract presented by a properly licensed contractor, we are willing to compare apples to apples and will do our best to beat our competitor’s prices!  Call us today! 520-444-5218. Don’t forget to  mention this article!

We expertise in the following roof management areas:

  • Roof coatings and reflective coating applications
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Coating ranch style roofs
  • Drip edge repairs
  • Polymembrane applications (Tietex or polyester fabric applied to the roof)
  • Facia replacement and repairs
  • Scupper leaks and scupper repairs
  • Patching and repairing elastomeric roof systems
  • Minor parapet cracks (i.e. corner cracks or edge cracks)
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Routine yearly maintenance on flat roofs
  • Realtor roof inspections
  • Roof ponding repairs
  • Polymembrane (polyester fabric) on parapet tops to prevent leaks
  • Pressure washing roofs
  • Do-it-yourself training for homeowners
  • Some (not all) flat roof replacements
  • White coated roofs or tan coated roofs
  • Shingle roof replacement and repairs