Emergency Roof Repairs

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Emergency Roof Repairs

Monsoons in Tucson come with heavy downpours in very quick spurts.  If you have an elastomeric coated roof there is a possibility you could need emergency roof repairs. Tucson is known for unexpected downpours. It is not uncommon to find a leak in your roof that needs immediate repairs. If that is the case, call Desert Sky Roofing to repair your roof.

Greater Tucson Immediate Roof Repair Services

Not every Tucson roofing contractor will arrive at your home during inclement weather. Desert Sky Roofing is willing to repair your roof when the weather is bad.  If it is raining and we can discover the roof leak we have materials that can plug the hole and stop the water from entering your home. If we can’t find the leak, you pay nothing.

Permanent Roof Repair Services

After the rains have stopped and your roof has dried, Desert Sky Roofing is able to come out and put a permanent patch over the area that is leaking.  If your roof needs a full roof coating we can provide a full estimate of the work and will try to complete the work before the next rains. At a minimum we are willing to put a patch down while we wait for the appropriate time to recoat your roof.

Typical Areas For Roof Leaks

On flat roofs or elastomeric coated roofs, roofing contractors in Tucson usually find leaks in certain places.  Here is a list of the common areas we find roof leaks.

  • Scupper leaks. Most predominant place for leaks on elastomeric roofs.
  • Corner leaks. Corners and edges crack and often leak.
  • A/C jack stands. These often leak under where the coating has lifted.
  • Skylights. The edges around the skylight often pull away from the base and leak.
  • Penetrations. Pipes, vents, skylights, and any other penetration through the decking is a possible leak area.
  • Lifted seams. Sometimes seams on rolled roofing or roof paper lifts and allows water enter the decking.

These are but a few of the areas where leaks occur.  If you call us, we will give a free roof inspection and help determine where these leaks exist.

DSR A Roofing Contractor Near You

 Desert Sky Roofing services all around the Tucson general area. We gladly service: Green Valley AZ, Oro Valley AZ, Marana AZ, Casas Adobe AZ, South Tucson AZ, Sahuarita AZ, Catalina Foothills AZ, Tanque Verde AZ, Vail AZ, Corona De Tucson AZ, usually with a 75 mile radius around Tucson. Give us a call for all your roof coating needs. We proudly use Tucson Rubberized Coatings!


Need emergency roof repairs in Tucson or the greater Tucson area? Call DSR today. We can often work in inclement weather to stop your roof leak!