Roof Repairs

“Roofing it right the first time!”


What Kind of Roof Repairs Do I Need?

Tucson Roofing Contractors are a dime a dozen! In fact, there are almost as many roof contractors as mattress dealers in town!  So why should you chose us?  We know what we are doing and we always use premium products from Tucson Rubberized Coatings.  If you go with Desert Sky Roofing, you will see that we will “roof it right the first time!”

So what kind of roof repairs are needed for elastomeric coated roofs? It depends on what type of roof you have. For example, Santa Fe style houses have scuppers where pitched ranch style homes don’t. Instead, they have drip edges and facia boards.  The style of home you have will drive the need for different types of repairs.

Typical Repairs on Coated Roofs

Roof Coating Cracks patched

Cracks in the coating are possible leaks! They must all be repaired. Sometimes this means filling them in with crack and joint filler before patching or sometimes they can simply be filled with coating.  The depth and type of crack will determine the exact repair.

Blisters In Roof Coating Patched

Blisters are essentially vapor filled bubbles that have pushed the roof coating up. The show up because of moisture. Any blister bigger than a quarter in size should be scraped, patched and coated over.

A/C Jack Stands Sealed

Not all roofs have A/C jack stands but most do. These stands must be sealed where they meet the roof line. Underneath the A/C unit is a prime area for leaks so we will properly clean this area as well as repair the roof if needed before recoating.

Wood replacement

Sometimes the roof will have wood that as deteriorated due to prolonged exposure to moisture. In these cases, the wood will need to be cut out and replaced and the area patched and recoated.

Roof re-coated

Coating is a type of repair. Once the coating has thinned too much, the roof will need to be coated again. We usually recommend two coats but sometimes a roof is ok with one coat of premium elastomeric coating.  We want to make sure that your roof is properly repaired and the right amount of coating is applied. Desert Sky Roofing will ALWAYS let you know the minimum amount of coating that we will apply to your roof and we will always use premium coatings. To see how DSR coats a roof, follow the steps on our front page (click here).

Typical Repairs on Santa Fe Style Roofs

Scuppers repaired

The #1 reason for leaks in a Santa Fe roof is cracks in a scupper. Scuppers are drains that lead the water off the roof. If there is crack near a scupper it could lead to some serious damage inside the home.

Minor parapet cracks

Desert Sky Roofing is properly licensed to do minor stucco cracks in the parapets.  Parapets normally crack in the corners due to movement of materials.

Roof paper tears

Most Santa Fe homes have roof paper / rolled roofing paper that lines the sides of the parapet walls. Sometimes these crack and need patching.

Typical Repairs on Ranch Style Roofs

Drip edges 

Ranch style homes have 2/12, 3/12, or 4/12 pitched elastomeric roofs.  The rooflines end in drip edges that often get bent or need patched behind them so they don’t allow water to leak on the facia boards. Sometimes the drip edges need to be replaced.

Facia replaced

Often times facia boards rot after prolonged leaking from the drip edges. This requires the facia to be replaced.


Desert Sky Roofing can help you with all your roofing repair needs. Whether coating your roof or cutting out a patch of bad wood we are ready to get your roof back into tip-top shape!