Green Valley Roof Coating

“Roofing it right the first time!”


Reasons DSR is Green Valley’s Roofing Company

When our clients call us from outside of Tucson, they ask if we service their area.  One area that has many flat roofs that are built up elastomeric coated roofs is the Green Valley area.  Yes, we are a Green Valley roofing company also!  This is one of Desert Sky Roofing’s favorite areas to work in. Why?  First off, if you have ever been on a roof in Green Valley you can truly appreciate the views!  There is a reason why many retirees live in this area and take advantage of the beautiful views and great golf courses.  By the way, did you know that the movie Tin Cup was filmed at a golf course in Tubac just south of Green Valley?  Just some trivia.  One of the primary reasons we love Green Valley roof coating jobs is because most of the residents in Green Valley are over 55 years of age, are retired, and they grew up in an era where they learned to appreciate great service!  We are not saying anything bad about other areas around Tucson, but we are saying that we have become very endeared to our clients in the Green Valley area.  Here are some reasons Green Valley residents want to work with Desert Sky Roofing:

1)  Senior Citizen Roof Coating Discount

One of the ways we show our appreciation for our elders is that we provide a senior citizen discount on your roof coating job.  If you are over 55 years old, ask us about our discount!  If you know us, however, you know we will probably  just add it when we give the estimate.  We are, however, going to be very careful when trying to guess somebody’s age!  Haha!  We don’t want to get in trouble.

2)  Military and First Responders Roof Coating Discount

The owner of Desert Sky Roofing is retired military, and he truly appreciates the service of other Veterans.  We know that many veterans reside in Green Valley and we will be sure to honor them with a discount to show our appreciation for their service.

3)  $250.00 Green Valley Roof Coating Coupon

We know many in Green Valley are working off a fixed budget. The sad thing is that many in today’s economy are finding it more expensive to maintain a home. We circulate a coupon for $250.00 off any roof coating job. If you don’t have a coupon, just mention this article and we will add the coupon.

4)  Provide the Square Feet and Number of Gallons We Will Use

One of the ways some roof companies scam their clients is by promising to do the work correctly but not following the manufacturer’s recommended application procedures.  They will skimp on the amount of buckets of material used.  Desert Sky Roofing will measure the area of coverage and then use the square feet to find the proper amount of product needed to apply in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  We will also put in the estimate the minimum number of 5-gallon buckets of material that we will use on the roof.  When we show up to coat the roof our clients are welcome to count the buckets!  We want our clients to know that we are going to coat their roof properly.

5)  Photo Proof of The Roof Repairs

  One of the complaints we have heard over and over is that many roof companies only tell their clients about the problems but do not show their clients.  Who knows if they are making the work up?  Many of the residents in Green Valley are not capable of looking at their roof because they cannot climb the ladder.  That is why Desert Sky Roofing will provide before and after photos of the roof repairs we accomplish. We will stop and explain any problems and after the work provide photos of the work we accomplished.  We are completely up front about all our work.

6)  Return to Check Our Work

We are dedicated to quality and that is why we will return approximately four weeks after the work has been completed to check the roof. We want to make sure that the roof coating cured the way it was expected to cure and there were no problems with the patch work.