Should I Use Polyester Membrane On My Coated Roof?

Flat coated roofs take maintenance and that is why some homeowners ask, whether they should use polyester membrane on their coated roof. There is a polyester fabric roofing material also known as polymembrane that some roofing coating specialists offer as an upgrade on elastomeric coated roofs.  This polymembrane is also called “Tietex” because one of the major manufacturers is Tietex International LTD.  Polymembrane is the material cool coating specialists use to repair cracks on these style roofs.   They do this by liberally applying either primer or roof coating on the cracked area and then laying the patch over the roof coating and then liberally coating over the patch. When this dries the patch becomes a permanent part of the roof system.  This material is extremely strong and if placed on top of the entire roof, it will increase the longevity of the roof system and also increase the length between necessary coatings.  Here are a few applications where Desert Sky Roofing would recommend applying polymembrane to the entire flat roof surface.

Polymembrane Over Foam Roofs

Polymembrane For Your Roof Comes In Different Sizes

Some homeowners have opted to put a layer of foam on top of their flat roofs to help with the heating and cooling.  Code requires the foam to be coated shortly after it is put on the roof.  After some time the foam tends to crack due to movement from the expansion of materials. After years of the foam it could start to deteriorate to the point where it will either need to be taken off or covered with polymembrane.  We highly recommend that foam roofs that are not already covered with Tietex be covered. Once it is covered with polyester fabric it will last much longer.  Foam roofs that are not covered with polymembrane will need to be recoated every 3-4 years, but roofs with the membrane can last up to 5-7 years before needing recoating.

Polymembrane Over Extremely Flaking Roofs

When asking the question, “Should I Use Polyester Membrane On My Roof?” one consideration is the age of the roof. Older roofs with numerous coatings on top sometimes have extreme flaking or peeling. Such a roof is a prime candidate for polymembrane over the entire roof.  This flaking is indicative of the first coating lifting from the roof paper.  It is quiet possible that future coatings will lift because of the first coating peeling up.  Putting polyester fabric (Tietex) over the entire roof will not only prevent the coating from peeling up (because it usually peels in smaller areas), it will also prolong the need for future coatings to 5-7 years between coatings.

Polymembrane Over Splitting Roof Paper

Over time roof paper under the coating can split where it overlaps. This happens to newer roofs but some older roofs can have almost every overlap split.  Putting Tietex over the entire roof will prevent future cracking and help the roof last 5-7 years before recoating.

Finally, polymembrane is used by many roof coating specialists for lining the areas where ponding exists. The reason they use this is because if properly applied it is excellent at preventing water from entering the home in these areas. The worse that usually happens with polymembrane is that the edges can lift where not enough coating is applied.  Putting polyester fabric over the entire surface of any roof is great option, but it will cost up to two to three times more because of the amount of work and extra material needed.  If you would like your roof to be coated and polymembrane applied give Desert Sky Roofing, Tucson’s Roof coating experts a call (520-444-5218) or fill out the contact form on our website and we can come out and inspect your roof to see if it is a candidate for polymembrane.