Finding A Roof Coating Contractor in Tucson

It can be a challenge to find a good roof coating contractor in Tucson. It seems everyone from handymen to roofers to painters claim they can coat your roof as good as the next person but to be honest, that is not true. Not all contractors are the same. Here are some things to consider when trying to determine who to hire for your roof coating job.

Check The Roof Coating Company’s License

Never hire a non-licensed contractor to do any work on your home. Why? First, if there is a problem they cannot be held accountable by the Registrar of Contractors. Second, how do you know if they are qualified for the work? Third, how many stories have you heard about guys doing half the job and skipping town or not answering their phones? Sure there is a possibility that you have the perfect non-licensed person who always does a great job. Well, they are definitely the exception and you are taking a chance when you hire them. Be careful!

Read The Roofing Contractor’s Reviews

Any good roof contractor in Tucson will have online reviews that can give you an idea of whether they are worth their salt or not. Give a thorough search of their reviews and especially read the “newest” reviews. This should give you an idea of whether they are a trustworthy Tucson roof coating contractor. Don’t forget to check Facebook, the BBB, Yelp, Google, and possibly Next Door. These are some of the most popular review locations.

Get A Detailed Roof Coating Estimate

The estimate of work and materials should be organized and details. Some of the things that should ALWAYS be in a roof coating estimate is: 1) The coating material that will be used; 2) the quantity of material to be laid down; 3) How the prep work will be done; 4) the cost of the work being performed; and 5) the warranty and extent of the warranty given. Each of these aspects of an estimate are very important. Here are few key thoughts to consider:

  • Material: Not all roof coatings are the same. White roof coating is elastomeric coating with elastomers that create the rubbery feeling. Cheaper elastomers mean a shorter lifespan. Get in writing the material going to be used and don’t go cheap on the coating. Tucson Rubberized 7000 is one of the best on the market. We recommend that product for all roof coating projects.
  • Amount of material: Applying the roof coating according to the manufacturer’s label is important. Check to make sure the roofing contractor is applying the proper amount recommended by the coating manufacturer.
  • How is it prepared: Is the roof cleaned properly, what about the debris, will the skylights and solar panels be protected, etc. These are important questions.
  • Cost of work: Most good roofing companies will provide a solid price for roof coating projects. Be careful of contracts that leave it open for roofers to add work or materials. Typical prices for roof coating in Tucson using premium products range from around $0.85 to $1.25 per square foot depending on the work needed.
  • Warranty: Most warranties will be at least two years. It is illegal for a contractor to give a “one-year” warranty on work. It will always be a minimum of two years. However, some try to sell a warranty that doesn’t exist. If a contractor gives a 5 or 10 year warranty start subtracting what they don’t include and see where that gets you. Most likely, the only thing included is the application of the product. Most cool coated roofs will last 2-3 years before minor repairs or “touch ups” will need be performed. Talk to your contractor about follow up visits.

Go With Your Gut Feeling

Unfortunately, many people don’t listen to their gut feelings about a certain contractor. There are many “salesmen” that are excellent at what they do and they can get you into a contract that you felt you shouldn’t have gotten into. Check your gut and if you are not comfortable maybe you should reach out to another Tucson roof company and get another estimate.

These are a few things to consider when trying to find a good roofing contractor in Tucson to work on your flat roof. Not all roof coating contractors are the same so it will pay to do a little extra research before you decide on a contractor. Give Desert Sky Roofing a call! We would love to give a detailed estimate and help you learn more about your roof coating project.