How To Apply Elastomeric Roof Coating

The southwest of America is home to acrylic elastomeric roof systems. These roof coatings are water-based and are applied every 4-6 years to water proof and protect southwest style roofs. Southwest Arizona is also home to tile roofs, shingle roofs, some metal roofs, but the best Tucson roof contractors must have extensive knowledge on how to apply elastomeric roof coatings. Applying these coatings is not difficult but there are a few things to keep in mind when applying them.

Only Use Premium Roof Coatings

Cheap coatings are thinner and don’t apply very well. They go on thin and are difficult to get to uniformly lay down on the roof. Cheap coatings also harden quicker which means they will crack sooner. Premium coatings are thicker, have bleed-block technology, and remain rubberized longer. When they are applied to the roof they go down in a smooth fashion and spread uniformly across the roof. Desert Sky Roofing uses the top of the line Tucson Rubberized 7000 roof coating almost 100% of the time because it is the best premium roof coating on the market.

Roll the Coating On, Don’t Spray It On

Some roof coating contractors spray roof coatings on the roof. Unfortunately, it is very easy to apply the material very thin and not get the proper amount of coating when spraying. If your roofing contractor insists on spraying the rubberized coating, have a serious talk on how much coating is going to be applied. Rolling the coating on the roof helps ensure the proper thickness of the roof coating.

Use Thick Roller Naps When Rolling Roof Coating

When learning how to apply elastomeric roof coating, it is easy to overlook the roller nap thickness. A thicker nap ensures more coating is brought from the bucket to the roof. It also allows the coating to go on thicker. We prefer using a 1″ – 1 1/4″ nap to apply the coating. Using a nap that is thinner will only lead to the coating being pushed around the roof and not rolled on in a uniform fashion.

Apply Cool Coating Using Criss-Cross Roller Movements

Some elastomeric coating companies will write on their application instructions to put the first coating on in one direction and the second coating on in the opposite direction. This is to ensure a criss-cross pattern that ensure the roof is properly coated. The criss-cross pattern can be applied on both coats. We recommend applying the coating using an “X” pattern on every dip into the bucket. By doing this, the coating is applied the same thickness and the area in your pattern is properly touched by coating.

Apply Each Rubberized Coating No more Than An 1/8″ Thick

Many wrongly think that the more the coating the better. That is not the case. Water based roof coatings will split and crack if they are applied too thick. This is because the top dries quicker than the inside and this causes a fissure in the coating. We recommend keeping the coating no thicker than 1/8″ thick per coat. This will ensure the coating is not applied too thick.

When In Doubt – Call A Roof Coating Expert

We hope this article helps you learn how to apply elastomeric roof coating to your roof. Applying roof coating is not difficult but there are some issues that a home owner can come against of which they may not be prepared. If in doubt, call a roof coating specialist to give you some pointers or apply the coating for you. At Desert Sky Roofing we have a “do-it-yourself” program to assist our clients in applying the coatings. We are also in the business of laying down the cool coatings. Either way we have a program to help you know how to apply elastomeric roof coatings. Call Desert Sky Roofing today ! 520-444-5218