The “Best Roofing Company Near Me”?

When you type these words into Google or Bing search bar are you sure you are going to get the “best roofing company near me”? In today’s world, the companies that come to the top of the search bar are the ones that have done everything that Google and Bing want to get them to rank higher. This includes reviews, good websites, posts, blogs, and about a million other things. Most likely the companies that rank on the top are the top ones to check, but that may not always be the case. It is wise for you as the homeowner to vet the companies online before making that call.  Here are a few ways to see if the best roofing company near you is the one you should call.

Look Up The Roofing Contractors License

Most companies that rank in the top on Google will have their license but some may not. It is always wise to check the licenses through the state’s Registrar of Contracting.  Contracting law requires Tucson roofing contractors (and all contractors in the state) to prominently display their license number on the front page of their website. Go to their website and find the six digit number and then check them to make sure they have a license through the state.

Check the Tucson Roof Contractor’s Reviews

Reviews are not the “end-all-see-all” in determining the best roofing contractor but they do give insight into how the contractor does business. The number of reviews is not always the best indicator either. More reviews shows that the company may have been in business longer or that they focus on getting reviews.  Younger companies often try harder to please clients so don’t discount companies with fewer reviews.  Read the reviews for content and character. Look for indications on whether the roofing company was truthful, punctual, if they did quality work, or if they went above and beyond to get the job accomplished.  Remember, finding the best roofing company near you starts with choosing a company whose character fits your expectations.

Look Over The Roofing Company’s Website and Social Media

When checking out a Tucson roofing company’s website and social media sites, look for depth of knowledge.  You should ask yourself, “does this roofing contractor know what they are talking about?”  If you have an elastomeric coated roof see if they are explaining their processes and how they would go about repairing the roof.  You may not be an expert in the field but do they seem to be one?  Many companies can throw a bunch of articles together and look like experts so also look at their photos to see if they are backing up what they are talking about.  Trust your gut instincts when exploring the company.

Check Your Gut Before Hiring A Contractor

After looking at the Tucson roofing contractor’s license, reviews, and website you should have an idea if this is a company worth calling. The final test will be when the company shows up at your door to do the roof inspection. I have written some things to ask your roofing contractor in a previous blog (click here to read).  I had a great business coach tell me that there are three ways we make decisions: 1) From our gut instincts; 2) From our hearts (feelings); and 3) Through knowledge gained.  Most will never have all the knowledge they need about their roof and it is also hard to feel anything other than anxiety when choosing a roofing company, so trust your gut instincts when choosing “the best roofing company near me.”  We would love to earn a chance for you to test your gut instincts with Desert Sky Roofing. If you have a roof issue and are looking for a Tucson roofing contractor, check us out online and then give us a call for a free inspection – 520-444-5218.  We would love a chance to prove we are the best roofing company near you!