Casas Adobe Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

“Roofing it right the first time!”


Casas Adobe’s homeowners all have concerns and fears over having roof leak.  Leaks in a home can be scary and cause great anxiety. Roof leaks come in different shapes and sizes.  Since most of the houses in Casas Adobe are pitched or flat and coated, the majority of the roof leaks will happen around penetrations and where the water flows off of the roof, specifically around the scuppers. If you find you have a roof leak, call an experienced roofer to determine the cause of the leak and do the roof repair work.

Scupper Leaks on Flat Roofs

It is without a doubt that flat roofs generate leaks around the scuppers more than any place else.  Probably 95% of all roof leaks on flat roofs (Santa Fe style homes) come from scuppers.  “Scuppers” is a fancy word for a drain that removes water from the roof.  The materials around scuppers sometimes crack due to the heating and cooling of these materials which causes expansion and contracting.  Ever hear roof noises in the evenings? Most of those sounds come from roofs that are cooling down and the materials are shrinking back to original size.  Such movement causes scuppers to expand and contract which can lead to minor cracks or holes around the scupper which can lead to severe water damage in your home.

Backflow is another issue with scuppers.  Scuppers are slightly tilted toward the ground to allow the water to move out. The roof coating extends off the roof and into the scupper.  Unfortunately, the material sometimes loses its grip on the scupper and it lifts.  When lifted from the scupper it can lead to water seeping under the coating and moving backwards where the scupper is attached to the roof line.  Believe it or not water can move backwards and upwards through the flow coming off the roof.    The best roof contractors will know to check the scuppers and make sure they do not have loose coating and backflow.

Typical Areas That Leak On Flat Roofs

There are other areas on a flat roof that can leak. These include around the penetrations.  Penetrations are the elements that protrude through the roof decking. They often have flashings around them to prevent water intrusion. Sometimes the flashings crack and water can enter the home.  A/C units on the roofs have jackstands and the jackstands can cause minor damage to the roof coating causing water to enter.  Corners and transitions are also area to check for leaks because in these areas there is more movement from the expansion and contraction of materials.

How To Repair Flat Roof Leaks When It Rains

When a roofing company does an emergency roof repair on a coated roof in the rain, they should use an oil-based product that will repel water.  There are many different products but Henry’s wet patch is one of the best for this purpose.  This nasty black gooey material is put on and around the area that is cracked or torn.  The material should be spread thin enough that it doesn’t dam up the water behind the patch.  Mesh is often used in larger holes so the patching material has something to stick to and doesn’t itself crack and allow water to enter.  These patches do not last for ever and should be coated with acrylic coating in the next few months or they will dry and crack.

These are just some of the things to think about when considering emergency repairs.  Emergency roof repairs on flat roofs during the rains can be done but are best accomplished by a certified roofer that specializes in flat roof repairs.  If you are in the Casas Adobe and need your roof repaired, give us a call. We will never sell you something you don’t need and we are willing to come out during inclement weather and fix the leaky roof.  Call us today: 520-444-5218.