Cost of Roof Replacement

The cost of roof replacement work in Tucson can vary depending upon the type of roof in question. Roof replacements are necessary every 16-25 years on shingle roofs. On elastomeric coated roofs the time frame and cost of roof replacement can vary. In fact, if properly maintained a coated roof can go indefinitely before a roof replacement is needed. Here are a few considerations when considering the cost of roof replacement in Tucson.

Roof Replacement Costs Vary

As noted above, replacement costs in Tucson for roofs vary depending upon the type of roof. If replacing the shingles on an asphalt shingled roof, the home owner can expect the cost of materials to be around $2.25-$3.50 per square foot in today’s prices (2022). You can use a roofing calculator to help estimate the cost. The cost a Tucson roof company near you would pay per 1000sqft is approximately $2250-3500 depending on the type of shingle, the type of underlayment, and other materials. The roof company in Tucson would also need to own or pay for a trailer to collect the materials and haul them off to the dump – another $500. Then the company needs to pay employees, pay overhead, pay insurances (which are high for roof work), pay workers compensations, pay fuel costs, pay vehicle costs, etc. The list is long. The company is also in the business to make a profit, so the cost of roof replacement in Tucson for a thousand square roof shingle roof can be $5000-7500 depending on circumstances.

Cost of Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roof replacement costs per square foot are similar to the roof replacement cost of shingle roofs. Typically a client can expect Tucson roofing companies to charge 4-5 times per square foot. This is because the old paper and coating must be removed and new paper laid down. Often times the new paper must be put down with hot tar or torched down. The materials are not as costly, but insurance prices are way higher. In fact, many insurance companies will not insure roof companies using hot tar or fire to lay down materials. An additional cost to consider when a roof contractor replaces a roof, is that the new roof coating will usually only last around three years. Most rubberized coatings will last up to five years after applied, but newly applied coatings are soaked up by the new underlayment which reduces the longevity of the coating’s lifespan.

Many Flat Roofs Don’t Need Coating

Unfortunately, many roof companies prey on customers who have ugly looking elastomeric coated roofs. When “replacing” a coated style roof only the roof paper and coating is replaced. Roof companies in Tucson are legally only allowed to replace up to 10% of the roof decking. Therefore, when they bid on a roof replacement it is only replacing the paper and a small fraction of the wood. If the roof paper and roof decking are in good shape, the roof company only needs to patch and coat the roof. Here are a few ways to determine if you really need a roof coating specialist to replace your roof.

  • Is the decking serviceable? The decking is the wood under the paper and coating. If the decking is in good condition no wood will need replacing. If no wood needs replaced then the next step is to examine the roof paper or underlayment.
  • Is the roof underlayment serviceable? This often takes a judgment call by the Tucson roofing company but photos can help you determine the truth of that company. Check the paper or rolled roofing. If either is cut all over the roof or lifting up from the roof decking it may need to be replaced. The true key is is whether the underlayment will last another 5-7 years which is the life of a coating.
  • Is there another option? Many times the roofing paper or rolled roofing can be covered with polyester fabric (polymembrane or Tietex). Read: “Should I Used Polymembrane On My Coated Roof.” This process saves many roofs from being reroofed because it becomes a protective film over the entire roof that is extremely valuable for preventing water from getting to the roof decking. The cost of this is usually one half the cost of roof replacement. Most good roof coating companies near you should be able to provide an estimate for polymembrane roofing material over the entire roof.

Roof Replacement Roofing Company Tucson

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