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Casas Adobe is a 23 square mile area situated north of downtown Tucson. This area has approximately 67,000 people and has houses dated back to the 1940’s.  Houses in this era were often Santa Fe style with flat roof coatings. Some of the houses were also low pitched built-up roofs with elastomeric roof coating. It is estimated that over 90% of the houses in Casas Adobe have coated style roofs.  Here is a guide for residents of Casas Adobe on how to maintain your flat roof.

Remove All Debris From Flat Roofs Every Six Months

Casas Adobe residents have both low pitched and flat roofs. Flat roofs take more work than pitched roofs, but both must be checked throughout the year. First, if you have a Santa Fe style flat roof it is imperative that the debris be removed from the rooftop every six months.  Debris tends to pile up near the scuppers and cause blockage which can lead to water standing on the roof.  Scuppers, are the square or round roof drains that funnel the water off the roof.  Debris can also become saturated with water which can lead to a breakdown of the roof coating under the saturated areas if not removed from the roof.

Inspect Your Roof Coating Yearly For Cracks and Tears

Roof coating contractors all know that acrylic coated roofs are not the type of roofs that should be coated and forgotten. The temperatures in Casas Adobe fluctuate – upwards of 30-50 degrees on a daily basis. The roof itself can fluctuate even more because it can hold heat.   Such heating and cooling causes the expansion and contraction of materials which causes minor movements in the materials the home is built with. These movements can lead to the elastomeric coating cracking around penetrations, scuppers, corners and other areas. Elastomeric coatings stretch but unfortunately don’t always stretch as much as the house moves. These cracks do not mean the roof needs be recoated, it just means at least some minor touch ups are needed.  We recommend roofs be looked a for cracks on a yearly basis – usually before monsoons arrive.

Perform Routine Maintenance on Scuppers, Penetrations, Edges and Corners

The areas where there is the most movement on the roof from expansion and contractions of materials are where the roof needs to be touched up every year or so.  The best roofing contractors will tell you that if you want to get the most out of your roof coating, then do annual touch ups around the most crack-prone areas.  Adding a little coating in these areas on a yearly bases is never a bad idea especially if it has been more than two years since the coating was applied.  The flatter areas of the roof are not as likely to have cracks that lead to leaks so if you touch up the scuppers, penetrations, edges and corners every year there will be a much less chance of you experiencing roof leaks.

If you live in Casas Adobe, we would love to become your roofing contractor! We already have numerous clients in the area who enjoy our services.  Desert Sky Roofing is your one-stop flat roof company that can address the need for yearly touch ups, debris removal, and full roof coating when it is time to do so. Maintaining a coated style roof can be a challenge and not everyone is up to getting on their roofs in the Arizona desert heat but we would be honored to earn the title of being your roof coating specialist.

Desert Sky Roofing will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mission is bring honesty, integrity, and quality back into the roofing trades, so if your roof doesn’t need coating then we will tell you that and hope that you will call us when it does need some work!  If you only need roof repairs or emergency roof repairs are your company! Give us a call today to look at your roof: 520-444-5218.