Acrylic Elastomeric Or Rubberized Roof?

Tucson roof coating contractors are continually asked whether acrylic elastomeric or rubberized roof coatings are the same. In fact, they are asked if cool coating is the same as rubberized coating or if rubberized coating is the same as cool coating. The point is that many homeowners are not sure what type of materials go on their roof. Hopefully if you are asking whether you have acrylic elastomeric or rubberized roof coating, this article can help.

Acrylic Coatings Are Called Rubberized Coatings

The typical white roof coating found on desert homes in southwest Arizona around the Tucson and Phoenix area are typically made of acrylic resins and are usually water based. These types of coatings are actually categorized as paints. They are thick paints with elastomers that allow them to remain with a rubbery feeling. This is why they are called “rubberized coatings.” Again, they are not made of rubber but they do have some characteristics of rubber when they dry.

Acrylic Coatings Can Be Called Cool Coatings

Another term for acrylic elastomeric coatings is “cool coating.” This term refers to the cooling properties of the roof coating. To be considered a cool coating the coating must have a solar reflective index (SRI) value of over 65. This means that 65% of the solar energy is properly reflected. Tucson Rubberized 7000 coating has a 75 SRI and is one of the best “cool coatings” on the market. Again, to be a cool coating the coating must have a 65 SRI or higher so not all acrylic coatings can be called cool coatings due to lower SRI’s.

Coated Roofs Are Considered Built-Up Roofs

Most of the roofing world thinks of built-up roofs as those that are put down with hot-tar and modified bitumen rolled roofing (big 40″ rolled out roofing shingles that are torched down). The southwest desert has a unique type of built-up roofing that uses elastomeric acrylic or rubberized coatings rolled or sprayed down on top of a proper roofing underlayment. These white coatings keep the roof cool and protected. So yes, coated roofs are considered built-up roofs which many refer to as cool coated roofs.



Applying the proper amount of roof coating

Different Names But The Same Meaning

In summary, as one can see there are numerous names for the same meaning. To help homeowners understand, here are some common names and definitions usually applied to the typical southwest Santa Fe style “flat roof” coating. All these name usually apply to the same product used by most Tucson roof companies near you.

  • Acrylic coating: Same as acrylic elastomeric coating.
  • Acrylic elastomeric coating: Same as acrylic coating.
  • Cool coating: White or tan elastomeric coating that has an SRI of 65 or higher.
  • Rubberized coating: White or tan coating that feels rubbery when dried.
  • White roof coating: The generic term for the water-based white acrylic coating.
  • White built-up coating: Built-up is the technical term for the type of roof, white refers to acrylic coatings.
  • Elastek coatings: Elastek was once the best coating in Tucson. Tucson Rubberized has become most roofers favorite.
  • Elastic coatings: This is a play on the company Elastek and the rubberized nature of white acrylic coatings.
  • Flat roof coating: Low-slope roofs are often called flat roofs and are often coated with white acrylic coatings.
  • Apoc coatings: Another company that sells elastomeric roof coatings.

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