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According to the Oro Valley Chamber, there are approximately 47,000 people living in Oro Valley. This means a huge number of roofs!  Oro Valley was established  in 1974 when many roofs were elastomeric coated roofs.  Many of the houses of this era have these style roofs. Cool coated roofs need routine maintenance to prevent leaks. In fact, they should be examined every year before the monsoons to be sure there are no problems.  These roofs also should be recoated every 4-6 years. That is why it is important for Oro Valley home owners to have a licensed roof coating specialist to help maintenance these style roofs.  Below we have listed three roof recommendations residents in this part of Arizona to consider at least once a year.

Remove All Debris From the Roof Every Six Months

There are both pitched roofs and flat roofs in Oro Valley. Santa Fe roofs (flat roofs) are coated with white or tan acrylic roof coating. One of the problems with Santa Fe style homes is that they often capture leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris floating around the roof before it lands on the ground. This can cause certain parts of the roof to collect unwanted debris and dirt. After it rains, the debris can get matted down and stick to the roof. If the debris remains near scuppers, it can cause a backup of water on the roof which could eventually lead to a leak inside the home. Water must always flow easily off the roof and onto the ground. When debris is allowed to remain on the roof for longer periods of time, the debris can cause the roof coating to break down prematurely which can lead to a need for roof repairs or even a recoating of the roof.  We recommend removing the leaves and dirt at least twice a year from coated roofs.

Inspect Your Roof Coating Yearly For Cracks and Tears

Acrylic coated roofs are not the type of roofs that should be coated and left alone. In Oro Valley, the temperatures fluctuate significantly – upwards of 30-40 degrees daily –  from the cool of the evening to the heat of the day. This causes the expansion and contraction of materials which leads to minor movements in materials the home is constructed with. These movements often cause minor cracks around the scuppers, penetrations, roof corners, etc.  These cracks do not mean the roof needs be recoated, it just means at least some minor touch ups are needed.  The best practice to have peace of mind is to inspect coated roofs yearly for cracks.

Reinforce Scuppers, Penetrations, Edges and Corners

The areas on the roof where there is the most movement from expansion and contractions of materials is usually where the roof needs to be touched up every year or so. To get the most out of your roof coating, these areas should be checked and some coating or elastomeric crack and joint filler needs to be applied to thicken the area so there is less chance of cracking.  The flat pitched areas of the roof are the least likely to have cracks that cause leaks so if you the scuppers, penetrations, edges and corners are touched up every year there will be a significantly less chance of the roof coating cracking and your roof leaking.

Oro Valley Roofing 

If you live in Oro Valley, give us a call at Desert Sky Roofing. We have  different programs that can help you maintain your coated. Every roof is different and not all roofs need a full recoating and your roof may only need to be slightly patched and not fully coated.  At DSR, we have five different programs for your roof to help you.  (Click the link to see the programs.)  Maintaining a roof can be a challenge and not everyone is up to getting on their roofs in the Arizona desert heat but we would be honored to earn the title of being your roof coating specialist. 

Desert Sky Roofing will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mission is bring honesty, integrity, and quality back into the roofing trades, so if your roof doesn’t need coating then we will tell you that and hope that you will call us when it does need some work!  If you only need roof repairs or emergency roof repairs are your company! Give us a call today to look at your roof: