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Catalina Foothills Roofer

Catalina Foothills is one of the most iconic areas of Tucson. With the Santa Catalina mountains looming over the top of this area the views are tremendous!  Catalina Foothills has a population of roughly 50,000. Since the area is one of the older areas of Tucson and more in line with the southern desert style, many of the homes are Santa Fe style with flat roofs.  These rubberized coated white and tan roofs require routine maintenance to prevent leaks. We believe they should be checked yearly before the monsoons to be sure there are no problems and usually recoated every 4-6 years. That is why it is important for Catalina Foothills home owners to have a licensed Tucson Roof Company to help maintenance these their flat roof.  Below we have listed three roof recommendations residents in this part of Arizona to consider at least once a year.

Every Six Months Sweep Off The Debris

Santa Fe style flat roofs are coated with white or tan acrylic roof coating.  Most in Catalina Foothills are coated tan due to the HOA requirements, but some of the problems with these style roofs is they often capture leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris. This can cause problems on the roof because the debris holds moisture and moisture can hurt the acrylic roof coating. Also, the debris can cause the scuppers to clog which will cause water to remain on roof for some time. Catalina Foothills residents should have their handyman, gardener, or roof coating specialist remove the debris on a routine basis. We recommend removing the leaves and dirt at least twice a year from coated roofs.

Annual Roof Coating Inspections Are Needed

Rubberized coatings on roofs need to be monitored. These acrylic coatings on roofs should not be coated and left alone.  The temperatures in the Catalina Foothills fluctuate upwards of  30-40 degrees daily from the cool of the evening to the heat of the day. When this occurs, the materials in the house expand and contract which leads to minor movements in materials. These movements can cause cracks around the scuppers, penetrations, roof corners, etc.  These cracks do not mean the roof needs recoating, but it may only be necessary to touch up the minor cracks.  Any good Tucson roofing contractor will have an option for just doing what is necessary without trying to sell a full roof coating.  We recommend getting the roof inspected on a yearly basis.

Reinforce Areas Prone To Cracking

As mentioned above, houses in the Catalina Foothills are subject to extreme temperature swings. This leads to certain area on the roofs needing to be reinforced or touched up. To get the most out of your roof coating, scuppers, corners, penetrations, skylights, and where the roof meets the paraptes should be checked yearly and touched up as needed.  We prefer using a crack and joint filler or an elastomeric mastic when touching up areas prone to cracking.

Catalina Foothills Roof Company Near You

If you live in Catalina Foothills, give Desert Sky Roofing a call. We have  many programs that can help you maintain your coated roof. We never offer work that doesn’t need to be done. Your roof may only need to be slightly patched and not fully coated.  At DSR, we have five different programs for your roof to help you.  (Click the link to see the programs.)  Maintaining a roof can difficult and the Arizona desert heat is brutal!  Desert Sky Roofing would be honored to earn the right to be your roof coating company.  We will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mission is bring honesty, integrity, and quality back into the roofing trades, so if your roof doesn’t need coating then we will tell you that and hope that you will look us up when it is time to get it done. Give us a call today to look at your roof: