Roof Coating Catalina Foothills

“Roofing it right the first time!”


Why DSR Is Catalina Foothills’ Best Roof Coating Contractor

Finding a good roofing contractor can be very challenging as well as stressful. How do you know if you can trust the contractor? Will the contractor respect your property? Will the roof company suggest work that doesn’t really  need to be performed?  Will the company be on time and do the work expediently? These are all valid concerns that you and your neighbors in the Catalina Foothills usually have.  To help you realize that we know your fears and will work toward relieving your fears, here are some things you can expect if you hire Desert Sky Roofing.

Roofing With Honesty

The owner of DSR, Bill Kimbley, started Desert Sky Roofing with the sole purpose of brining integrity, honesty and quality back into the roof contracting world – one client at a time. He had been in the business for some years and heard numerous stories about homeowners being taken advantage of or being sold work that was not necessary.  In the Catalina Foothills area he knew of some companies charging more simply because of the location of the homes.  Such practices puts a seriously bad light upon the roofing trade and this something that Bill is trying to combat.  Some of the ways Bill is showing Catalina Foothills residents Desert Sky Roofing is a company that walks in integrity are:

  • Before and After Photos. Catalina Foothills homeowners will always be offered before and after photos. Before photos will show the exact work that needs to be performed. After photos show the work that was performed and agreed upon.
  • Type and Quantity of Materials in Contract. Many contractors don’t want to put in writing what and how much material they are using so that they can skimp and save money using less or cheaper materials. This will never happen at DSR. Every roof coating contract includes the amount of buckets of material we use and what material will be applied. We use Tucson Rubberized 7000 roof coating almost 100% of the time because it is the best!
  • Step by Step Procedures Outlined. DSR always outlines their step-by-step roof coating procedures before the work begins. If the client desires we are willing to take photos during the steps to show how they were performed.
  • No Hassle, No Pressure. We feel a client must be comfortable with us being their Tucson roofing company and we will never attempt to pressure or hassle a client to get a job.  Our integrity, honesty, and quality will speak for itself and there is no need for us to beg for clients. We want to be your roofing company if you want us to be your roofing company.
  • Constant Contact with Clients. DSR will always keep our Catalina Foothills clients up to date on what is going on with their roof, when the work will be scheduled, and what is going on during the process. Sometimes the jobs can take a few days to accomplish and during that time we will inform our clients so they understand what is happening.

Roof Coating Discounts

Times are changing and things are getting expensive!  Roof work has always been expensive but with the price of materials rising, the cost of fuel, and the rising cost of labor reaching every contractor, roofing work is getting even more expensive.  At DSR, we understand.  Granted, we are in this business to make money but we are not trying to get rich off of every job. In fact, we have some key discounts that will help our clients in the Catalina Foothills areas. Here are a few:

  • Military, Veterans, and First Responders Discount. Bill, the owner of DSR is retired USAF and loves to help out fellow service people. If you have served in any fashion ask about getting a discount!
  • Senior Citizen Discount. Many seniors are on fixed budgets. We understand that with the rising costs it is always best to save where you can  – especially on big ticket items like roof work.  We offer a senior citizen discount.
  • $250.00 off any full roof coating. Along with other discounts, we offer a $250.00 internet/Valpak coupon. Mention this article and we will be sure to add that coupon to our estimate to save you some money.

Desert Sky Roofing wants to be your roof coating specialist. We don’t want to simply coat your Catalina Foothills roof and forget about you, no… we want to earn your repeat business.  It is our goal to “Roof it right the first time” so you will want to tell your friends and family that you found an honest, quality driven company that walks in integrity.  Give us a call today!