Shingle Roof Repair

“Roofing it Right the First Time!”


Tucson Asphalt Roof Replacements and Shingle Roof Repairs

The Arizona sun can be tough on asphalt shingles. The dry weather and scorching sun bakes down and often ages the shingles quicker than they would age in a more moderate and moist climate. Homeowners with shingle roofs will often find they need to replace their shingle roofs every fifteen to twenty-years.  Sometimes they can last longer if the shingles are high quality shingles but most often than not twenty years is the best time to consider a roof replacement.  Roofing contractors in Tucson are often called to help homeowners after the extreme winds.  Tucson winds can often tear off shingles on an even newer roof.  In this case, shingle repairs are needed.

Premium Roof Shingles

At Desert Sky Roofing we pride ourselves on being a Tucson roofing contractor that uses premium brands and follow their requirements on roof replacement and roof repair jobs so that the homeowner has the best materials and application for their roof.  Today, most of the shingles being applied are architectural style and not the three-tab variety.  Architectural shingles are stronger and hold up to the wind better than their three-tab shingle predecessors. Of course, we can still purchase and apply three-tab shingles but we feel that architectural shingles will provide the homeowner with more longevity and better protection from the wind.

Synthetic Underlayments

On most roof replacement jobs we use synthetic underlayment. This underlayment is lighter and stronger than 40lb roof paper.  Being lighter this reduces the weight put on your roof. The less pressure on the structure the better! Being stronger, the underlayment will last longer before needing to be replaced.  Water and dirt that can find its way under the shingles will degrade the 40lb roof paper quicker than synthetic underlayment.

Starter Shingles

In the old days roof companies would take a regular shingle and turn it around and put it down as the first shingle near the roof edge and the top layer of shingles would stick to the bottom shingle. This was considered common practice. The problem is that the bottom shingle (the one turned around) did not have a way to stick to the underlayment/drip edges.  This meant that the wind could come and rip up the shingles with more ease.  Today, most shingle companies recommend starter shingles at the edges of the roof.  We use starter shingles around the perimeter of the roof that stick on both sides and help prevent wind lifts.

Follow Shingle Manufacturer Guidelines

Every shingle brand, whether it be Owens Corning, GAF, TAMKO, etc. have instructions on how best to apply their shingles. In fact, if the shingles are applied to their specifications, they will warranty their shingles for much longer than roofing companies and roofing contractors warranty their work. This ensures homeowners get the best warranties for their roof replacement job.  Desert Sky Roofing will follow the guidelines given by the roof shingle manufacturer of the shingles put on your roof.

Five-Year Workmanship Warranty

Desert Sky Roofing provides a five-year workmanship warranty on all full shingle replacement jobs.  Within that five-year timeframe if you have problems we will be there promptly to rectify the situation. Of course, we are going to do the job right the first time so that we don’t have to come back but should their be a need you will be our priority.

If your roof is nearing a roof replacement and you want a free estimate on replacing your shingles call Desert Sky Roofing.  If you are not in the market for a full roof replacement but only need shingle roof repairs give us a call and we can give you a free estimate. We are the roofing contractor near you that you can trust to “roof it right the first time.”